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Updated: January 1, 2024


Roobet is a prominent online gambling platform that has gained widespread popularity in the digital gaming landscape. Launched in 2018, Roobet has become a go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and innovative gaming experience. As with any online platform, curiosity often arises about the ownership and leadership behind the scenes, driving the success of Roobet.

The ownership of Roobet has been attributed to a dynamic and entrepreneurial duo, Kalamba Games co-founder, Sam M. Nikoia, and tech entrepreneur, Marko Jelen. Their combined expertise in the gaming and technology sectors has played a pivotal role in shaping Roobet into the dynamic platform it is today. Sam M. Nikoia, with a background in game development, brings a creative flair to Roobet, ensuring that the platform offers a diverse range of entertaining and engaging games. On the other hand, Marko Jelen’s experience in the tech industry contributes to the platform’s robust and secure infrastructure, providing users with a safe and seamless gaming environment.

It’s important to note that the online gaming industry is subject to various regulations and compliance standards, and Roobet operates within the framework of these guidelines. The ownership and leadership of Roobet have demonstrated a commitment to transparency, ensuring that users can enjoy their gaming experience with confidence.

As Roobet continues to evolve and expand its offerings, the collaboration between Sam M. Nikoia and Marko Jelen remains a driving force behind the platform’s success. Their vision, coupled with a dedication to innovation and user satisfaction, positions Roobet as a leading player in the online gambling arena.

Who is the Owner of Roobet?

Numerous inquiries regarding the administration of Roobet casino prompted an investigation, revealing that the brand is owned by TekHou5 Limited (Raw Entertainment B.V.). Founded in 2019, this company was co-established by Matt Duea, who appears to have been leading the organization since its inception. Despite a limited online presence beyond posts advocating for crypto usage, Matt Duea has been steering the company, guiding Roobet through its operational journey. For the latest and most accurate information about Roobet’s ownership and management, it is advisable to consult official sources such as the company’s website or press releases.

Where is Roobet Based?

In alignment with the prevailing trend among crypto casinos, Roobet has opted to establish its registered address in Curacao, specifically located at Fransche Bloemweg 4. As expected, the casino holds a license from Curacao eGaming, solidifying its compliance with regulatory standards in the industry.

What Does Roobet Casino Do?

Roobet Casino is an online gambling platform that offers a diverse range of games and entertainment options to its users. The casino provides a virtual space for players to engage in various forms of online gaming, including but not limited to:

  • Crypto Gambling: Roobet is known for its integration of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to deposit, play, and withdraw using popular digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Casino Games: The platform hosts a wide array of casino games, including classic options like slots, table games, and card games. These games often come in different variations and themes, providing players with a varied and immersive gaming experience.

  • Live Casino: Roobet offers a live casino section where players can engage in real-time, live-streamed games with professional dealers. This includes live versions of popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

  • Innovative Games: The casino is known for incorporating innovative and unique games that may not be found in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. These could include interactive and skill-based games designed to enhance the overall gaming experience.

  • Promotions and Bonuses: Like many online casinos, Roobet provides promotional offers and bonuses to attract and reward players. These promotions often include welcome bonuses, free spins, and ongoing incentives to encourage player loyalty.

  • Tournaments: Roobet occasionally organizes gaming tournaments where players can compete against each other for prizes. These tournaments add a competitive element to the gaming experience.

It’s important to note that online gambling comes with certain risks, and responsible gaming practices are encouraged. Users should be aware of the terms and conditions of the platform, as well as any legal regulations applicable to their jurisdiction.

The legal aspects and regulations surrounding online gambling, including platforms like Roobet Casino, can vary significantly based on the jurisdiction in which the user resides. It’s crucial for both the platform and its users to adhere to relevant laws and regulations. Here are some general considerations:

  • Licensing: Online casinos typically require a valid license to operate legally. In the case of Roobet, it holds a license from Curacao eGaming. Users should verify the licensing information of the casino and understand the regulations under which it operates.

  • User Age and Location: Users must comply with the legal age requirements for gambling in their respective jurisdictions. Additionally, certain countries or regions may have specific regulations or restrictions related to online gambling, and users should be aware of and adhere to these.

  • Responsible Gambling: Reputable online casinos, including Roobet, often promote responsible gambling practices. This includes measures such as setting deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and providing resources for individuals who may be dealing with gambling-related issues.

  • Cryptocurrency Regulations: Given Roobet’s integration of cryptocurrencies, users should also be aware of any specific regulations regarding the use of digital currencies in online gambling in their country.

  • Data Protection and Privacy: Online casinos collect and process user data, and they are expected to comply with data protection and privacy laws. Users should review the casino’s privacy policy to understand how their information is handled.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC): Casinos are often required to implement measures to prevent money laundering and adhere to KYC regulations. This may involve verifying the identity of users and monitoring transactions.

It’s essential for users to be informed about the legal landscape in their jurisdiction and to play responsibly. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the online casino, such as those provided by Roobet, is crucial. In case of uncertainty, seeking legal advice or information from relevant regulatory authorities can provide clarity on the legal aspects of online gambling.

Roobet’s Impact on the Gambling Industry

Roobet has made a notable impact on the gambling industry, particularly in the online and crypto gambling sectors. Here are some key aspects of Roobet’s impact:

  • Cryptocurrency Integration: Roobet is recognized for its early adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to transact in digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This has contributed to the broader acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies in the online gambling space.

  • Innovation in Gaming: The platform has introduced innovative and unique games that go beyond the traditional casino offerings. This emphasis on innovation has influenced other online casinos to diversify their gaming portfolios and incorporate more interactive and engaging experiences.

  • Global Accessibility: By utilizing cryptocurrencies, Roobet has increased accessibility for users worldwide. Cryptocurrencies enable seamless and borderless transactions, allowing players from different regions to participate without the limitations often associated with traditional fiat currencies.

  • Community Engagement: Roobet has fostered a strong community through its social media presence and engagement initiatives. This community-building approach has become a model for other online casinos, emphasizing the importance of user interaction, feedback, and loyalty.

  • Competitive Promotions: The casino’s promotional strategies, including bonuses and tournaments, have influenced the way online casinos attract and retain players. The competitive nature of these promotions has spurred other platforms to enhance their own incentive programs.

  • Emphasis on Transparency: Roobet has placed an emphasis on transparency, providing users with information about its ownership, licensing, and operations. This commitment to openness has set a standard for transparency in an industry where trust is paramount.

  • Adaptation to Cryptocurrency Trends: As cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, Roobet’s early recognition and adaptation to this trend have positioned it as a trendsetter in the online gambling sector. Other platforms may look to Roobet as an example of successfully incorporating digital currencies into their operations.

It’s important to note that while Roobet has had a positive impact on the industry, the online gambling landscape is continually evolving. The influence of platforms like Roobet can inspire further innovation and transformation in the way online casinos operate, engage with users, and leverage emerging technologies.

Competitors and Market Position

Roobet competes in a dynamic and evolving online gambling market. Its position in the industry is subject to change due to factors such as competition, market trends, and user preferences. While I don’t have real-time information, I can provide insights into the general competitive landscape and Roobet’s market position as of my last update.


  • BitStarz: BitStarz is a popular online casino known for its wide range of games and cryptocurrency support. It competes with Roobet in the crypto gambling space.

  • Stake: Stake is another crypto casino that offers various games and has gained popularity for its unique features. It’s a direct competitor in the market.

  • FortuneJack: This is a crypto casino that, like Roobet, supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and offers a diverse gaming experience.

  • Cloudbet: Focused on both casino games and sports betting, Cloudbet competes with Roobet in the crypto gambling sector.

  • 1xBit: Known for its extensive sportsbook and casino offerings, 1xBit is a competitor in the cryptocurrency gambling space.

Market Position: Roobet has carved a niche for itself by emphasizing cryptocurrency integration, innovative game offerings, and community engagement. Its early adoption of cryptocurrencies, commitment to transparency, and unique gaming experiences have contributed to its popularity. Roobet’s strong presence on social media platforms has also played a role in building a dedicated user community.

However, the competitive landscape in the online gambling industry is dynamic, with new entrants and innovations regularly emerging. Market position can be influenced by factors such as user experience, game variety, promotional offerings, regulatory compliance, and technological advancements.

For the latest and most accurate information on Roobet’s current market position and competition, it’s advisable to check recent industry reports, user reviews, and updates from the platform itself. Additionally, monitoring trends in the broader online gambling market can provide insights into the industry’s overall direction and the position of key players.

The Future of Roobet

However, based on general industry trends and factors that could influence the future of online casinos like Roobet, several possibilities can be considered:

  • Market Expansion: Roobet may explore opportunities for market expansion by entering new regions or markets where online gambling regulations permit. Expanding the user base could involve adapting to local regulations and catering to diverse preferences.

  • Technological Innovations: The future of Roobet could involve further technological innovations in the gaming experience. This may include the incorporation of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technologies, enhancing the overall immersive experience for players.

  • Diversification of Games: Roobet might continue to diversify its gaming portfolio by introducing new and innovative games. Responding to emerging trends in the gaming industry could be crucial for staying competitive and attracting a broad audience.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: With the increasing focus on cybersecurity and data protection, Roobet, like other online casinos, may implement enhanced security measures to protect user information and transactions.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Adapting to evolving regulatory landscapes is crucial for the sustainability of online casinos. Roobet may continue to invest in regulatory compliance measures to ensure legal operation and build trust among users.

  • Community Engagement: Maintaining and growing its community could be a priority for Roobet. Building a strong and engaged user base through social media interactions, forums, and promotions could contribute to the platform’s continued success.

It’s essential to check the latest updates from official sources, such as Roobet’s website or press releases, for the most accurate information about the company’s current status and plans. Additionally, industry news and developments in the online gambling sector can provide insights into broader trends that may impact Roobet’s trajectory.

Is Roobet a legal online gambling platform?

Roobet operates within legal frameworks and holds necessary licenses to ensure compliance.

Who are the founders of Roobet?

Roobet was founded by [TekHou5], visionaries in the online gambling industry.

How does Roobet ensure fair gaming practices?

Roobet employs advanced technologies and rigorous measures to ensure fairness in all games.

What sets Roobet apart from its competitors?

Roobet distinguishes itself through a user-friendly interface, diverse game options, and a commitment to responsible gambling.

Can I trust Roobet with my personal and financial information?

Roobet prioritizes user security through robust encryption and strict privacy policies.


Roobet’s ownership was associated with TekHou5 Limited (Raw Entertainment B.V.), co-founded by Matt Duea. Matt Duea has been identified as a key figure in the company since its founding in 2019. However, ownership details can change over time, and it’s crucial to verify the latest information from reliable sources.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information about who owns Roobet, I recommend checking the official Roobet website, press releases, or recent news articles. These sources are likely to provide the latest details on the ownership and leadership of the online gambling platform.



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