Who Owns Hoonigan?

Updated: November 12, 2023


Hoonigan, a brand synonymous with automotive mayhem, tire-shredding antics, and a deep-seated passion for all things automotive, has captured the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Founded by Ken Block and Brian Scotto, Hoonigan has become a global phenomenon that celebrates the art of driving in its most exhilarating and unconventional forms. The question of who owns Hoonigan is a topic of interest for many, as the brand’s unique blend of motorsport, culture, and entertainment has garnered a dedicated fanbase.

Ken Block, an American professional rally driver and stunt performer, is one of the driving forces behind Hoonigan. Block’s fame skyrocketed through his viral Gymkhana video series, showcasing his extraordinary driving skills and his penchant for pushing the limits of what cars can do. His vision for Hoonigan was to create a platform that embodies the spirit of automotive adventure, and he has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s identity.

Brian Scotto, Block’s close friend and business partner, is another key figure in the ownership of Hoonigan. Scotto is a multifaceted entrepreneur and creative mind, known for his work as the former Editor-in-Chief of the popular automotive publication, “0-60 Magazine.” He brought his editorial and creative expertise to Hoonigan, helping to curate the brand’s unique blend of automotive content, culture, and lifestyle.

Together, Ken Block and Brian Scotto have nurtured Hoonigan into a powerhouse within the automotive industry. The brand encompasses a diverse range of activities, from the creation of high-quality merchandise and automotive apparel to the production of adrenaline-pumping content that showcases the thrill of motorsport. Hoonigan’s ownership by Block and Scotto ensures that it remains deeply rooted in the automotive world while constantly pushing boundaries and inspiring a new generation of car enthusiasts.

What is Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is a brand and community that celebrates the automotive culture, motorsport, and all things related to high-performance vehicles. Founded by Ken Block and Brian Scotto, Hoonigan has gained worldwide recognition for its unique blend of automotive enthusiasm, entertainment, and lifestyle. The term “hoon” is Australian slang for a person who engages in reckless and aggressive driving, often associated with doing burnouts, donuts, and other high-energy driving maneuvers. Hoonigan embraces this spirit of automotive hooning while promoting responsible and controlled enthusiasm for cars and motorsport.

Hoonigan’s activities and offerings include:

  1. Content Creation: Hoonigan produces a wide range of content, including videos, web series, and social media posts, featuring Ken Block and other professional drivers showcasing their extraordinary driving skills, performing stunts, and participating in various motorsport events.

  2. Merchandise: The brand offers a diverse line of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and automotive gear, featuring distinctive Hoonigan logos and designs. These items are popular among automotive enthusiasts and fans of the brand.

  3. Motorsport Participation: Hoonigan is actively involved in various motorsport disciplines, such as rally racing, drift competitions, and more. Ken Block, in particular, is known for his involvement in Gymkhana and rallycross events.

  4. Events and Meetups: Hoonigan organizes events and meetups that bring together automotive enthusiasts to celebrate their passion for cars, motorsport, and the Hoonigan lifestyle.

  5. Collaborations: The brand often collaborates with other automotive companies, influencers, and artists to create unique and limited-edition products and experiences that resonate with their fanbase.

Hoonigan has cultivated a dedicated global fanbase and has become a cultural phenomenon within the automotive world. It stands as a representation of the exhilarating and daring side of automotive culture while promoting safety and responsible driving practices within the broader community.

The History of Hoonigan

The history of Hoonigan is a story of passion, innovation, and a deep love for all things automotive. Founded by Ken Block and Brian Scotto, Hoonigan has evolved from a small garage operation to a global brand and community that celebrates the automotive lifestyle in its most exhilarating forms. Here’s a chronological overview of the key milestones in the history of Hoonigan:

  1. Early Beginnings: The roots of Hoonigan can be traced back to Ken Block’s interest in motorsports and his passion for pushing the limits of what cars can do. Block, a successful rally driver, gained fame in the early 2000s, notably through his performance at the X Games and participation in the World Rally Championship.

  2. Formation of DC Shoes: In the mid-1990s, Ken Block co-founded DC Shoes, a well-known footwear and apparel brand in the action sports industry. DC Shoes played a significant role in financing Block’s motorsport endeavors and laid the foundation for his later ventures, including Hoonigan.

  3. Gymkhana Videos: Ken Block’s Gymkhana video series, which began in 2008, played a pivotal role in introducing the term “hoon” (meaning a person who engages in reckless and aggressive driving) to a global audience. The Gymkhana videos showcased Block’s exceptional driving skills and became viral sensations, further fueling his passion for cars and motorsport.

  4. Collaboration with Brian Scotto: Ken Block’s close friend, Brian Scotto, joined forces with him to create Hoonigan. Brian Scotto, an automotive enthusiast and former Editor-in-Chief of “0-60 Magazine,” brought his editorial and creative expertise to the brand, helping shape its content and identity.

  5. Hoonigan Garage: Hoonigan’s journey took a significant step when it opened the Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD) Garage, a 12,000-square-foot facility in Park City, Utah. This garage served as the epicenter of Hoonigan’s operations, where Block and his team developed and modified high-performance vehicles for various motorsport events.

  6. Expansion of the Brand: Hoonigan expanded its brand beyond just motorsport by offering a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and automotive gear. The brand’s distinctive logos and designs became popular among automotive enthusiasts.

  7. Content Creation and Events: Hoonigan became known for its engaging and entertaining content, including web series, social media content, and event coverage. The brand also organized events and meetups, bringing together automotive enthusiasts to celebrate their shared passion.

  8. Motorsport Success: Ken Block’s continued success in various motorsport disciplines, particularly rally racing and Gymkhana, further solidified Hoonigan’s reputation as a brand associated with high-performance driving and precision automotive engineering.

  9. Global Impact: Hoonigan’s global reach expanded, attracting a dedicated fanbase of automotive enthusiasts from around the world who identified with the brand’s adventurous and spirited approach to car culture.

  10. Ongoing Evolution: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Hoonigan continued to evolve and innovate, with new content, collaborations, and motorsport endeavors on the horizon.

Hoonigan’s history is a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders, Ken Block and Brian Scotto. From viral Gymkhana videos to a global brand that celebrates the automotive lifestyle, Hoonigan has become an iconic name in the automotive world, inspiring a new generation of car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

The Evolution of Hoonigan

The evolution of Hoonigan is a testament to its founders’ vision and the brand’s ability to adapt and grow while staying true to its roots. Since its inception, Hoonigan has expanded and diversified its offerings, becoming a global phenomenon within the automotive community. Here’s an overview of the key stages in the evolution of Hoonigan:

  1. Founding and Early Years (2008-2010): Hoonigan was founded by Ken Block and Brian Scotto in the late 2000s. Initially, it was more of a concept and a term used to describe Block’s aggressive and daring driving style, as showcased in his Gymkhana videos. These early years set the stage for Hoonigan’s future as a brand.

  2. Establishing Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD): The creation of the Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD) Garage in Park City, Utah, marked a significant step in Hoonigan’s evolution. This garage became a hub for developing high-performance vehicles for various motorsport events, including rallycross and Gymkhana.

  3. Content Creation (2011-2015): Hoonigan began producing a wide range of content, including Gymkhana videos, Ken Block’s “Gymkhana Grid” event series, and the “Daily Transmission” web series. These videos showcased thrilling driving stunts, custom-built vehicles, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of motorsport.

  4. Merchandise and Apparel (2012-present): Hoonigan’s expansion into merchandise and apparel was a significant milestone. The brand’s clothing line featured unique designs and logos that resonated with automotive enthusiasts. It became a symbol of the Hoonigan lifestyle and was embraced by fans worldwide.

  5. Events and Meetups (2015-present): Hoonigan organized various events, including “Hoonigan Wanted” and “Hoonigan Burnyard Bash,” where fans could witness incredible driving skills and even participate themselves. These events fostered a sense of community among automotive enthusiasts.

  6. Global Impact and Partnerships (2016-present): Hoonigan’s reach expanded globally, attracting partnerships with other automotive companies, influencers, and artists. These collaborations resulted in limited-edition products and unique automotive experiences.

  7. Hoonigan Racing (2019-present): Ken Block continued to compete in various motorsport events, including World Rally Championship (WRC) events and rallycross races, under the Hoonigan Racing Team banner. This further solidified Hoonigan’s presence in the motorsport world.

  8. Ongoing Content Innovation: Hoonigan continued to innovate its content by diversifying its offerings and collaborating with notable figures in the automotive world. The brand maintained a strong online presence, connecting with fans through social media and its YouTube channel.

  9. Adventures Beyond Motorsport: While motorsport remains a core focus, Hoonigan also explored other automotive-related adventures, including off-roading, car restoration, and exploring unique vehicle cultures around the world.

  10. Community Building and Lifestyle Brand: Hoonigan’s ability to connect with a passionate and engaged community of automotive enthusiasts has been a defining aspect of its evolution. It has transformed into a lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit of automotive adventure and high-octane experiences.

Hoonigan has evolved from a concept rooted in Ken Block’s daring driving style to a multifaceted brand and community that celebrates the entire spectrum of automotive culture. Its continued growth and innovation have solidified its status as an iconic name in the automotive world, inspiring a new generation of car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

The Faces Behind Hoonigan

Hoonigan, the automotive brand and community that celebrates high-octane adventures and the automotive lifestyle, has been shaped by several key individuals who have contributed to its success. While the brand is often associated with its founders, Ken Block and Brian Scotto, there are other faces behind Hoonigan who have played significant roles in its development and growth. Here are some of the key individuals associated with Hoonigan:

  1. Ken Block: Ken Block is one of the co-founders of Hoonigan and a central figure in the brand’s identity. As a professional rally driver and stunt performer, Block’s viral Gymkhana videos and his passion for pushing the limits of what cars can do have been instrumental in defining the Hoonigan ethos.

  2. Brian Scotto: Brian Scotto, another co-founder of Hoonigan, brought his editorial and creative expertise to the brand. His background as the former Editor-in-Chief of “0-60 Magazine” and his deep love for all things automotive have helped shape Hoonigan’s content and cultural significance.

  3. Chris Forsberg: Chris Forsberg is a renowned professional drifter and one of the key personalities associated with Hoonigan. He has been featured in various Hoonigan videos, demonstrating his exceptional drifting skills and contributing to the brand’s drift-related content.

  4. Ryan Tuerck: Ryan Tuerck is another professional drifter closely associated with Hoonigan. His participation in Hoonigan events and content, including “Donut Garage” videos, has made him a prominent face within the Hoonigan community.

  5. Liam Doran: Liam Doran, also known as “The British Bomb,” is a rallycross driver and a Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD) team member. His involvement in rally and rallycross events has added to Hoonigan’s motorsport legacy.

  6. Ron Car: Ron Car is a key figure in Hoonigan’s creative team, contributing to the brand’s content production and creative direction. He is often featured in Hoonigan videos and has become a recognizable face among fans.

  7. Fielding Shredder: Fielding Shredder is a motorsport enthusiast and engineer who has been part of Hoonigan’s projects, contributing to vehicle modifications and performance enhancements. His technical expertise has been showcased in various Hoonigan videos.

  8. Sara Price: Sara Price is a professional off-road racer and a member of the Hoonigan team. Her involvement in off-road adventures and racing has expanded Hoonigan’s scope beyond traditional motorsport disciplines.

  9. Other Collaborators: Hoonigan frequently collaborates with various influencers, automotive experts, and artists, who have all played a role in shaping the brand’s content and products. These collaborators have added diverse perspectives and experiences to the Hoonigan universe.

These individuals, along with many others behind the scenes, have collectively contributed to Hoonigan’s status as a global automotive phenomenon. Their passion for all things automotive, combined with their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, has helped Hoonigan build a dedicated fanbase and a unique position within the automotive community.

Pros and Cons of Hoonigan

Hoonigan, as an automotive brand and lifestyle, has both pros and cons associated with it. These can vary depending on an individual’s perspective and interests. Here are some of the pros and cons of Hoonigan:

Pros of Hoonigan:

  1. Celebration of Automotive Passion: Hoonigan passionately celebrates the world of automobiles, making it an exciting and engaging space for car enthusiasts to connect, share, and appreciate their common interests.

  2. Entertaining Content: Hoonigan produces entertaining and adrenaline-pumping content, including Gymkhana videos, drift battles, and automotive challenges, which captivate and inspire viewers.

  3. Influence on Car Culture: Hoonigan has had a significant influence on car culture by popularizing terms like “hoon” and showcasing the art of drifting, racing, and vehicle modification. It has helped broaden the appeal of motorsports and car-related activities.

  4. Community Building: The brand has successfully built a global community of like-minded enthusiasts who come together at events, meetups, and online platforms to share their passion for cars and motorsport.

  5. Unique Merchandise: Hoonigan offers a range of merchandise and apparel with distinctive designs and logos, allowing fans to wear their automotive passion proudly.

  6. Motorsport Involvement: Through Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD), the brand actively participates in motorsport events, contributing to the excitement and competitiveness of various racing disciplines.

  7. Inspiration for Aspiring Racers: Hoonigan’s success stories, particularly those of Ken Block and others associated with the brand, can inspire aspiring racers and enthusiasts to pursue their automotive dreams.

Cons of Hoonigan:

  1. Risk Emphasis: Some critics argue that Hoonigan’s content and activities sometimes emphasize risky and dangerous driving behaviors, which may encourage irresponsible driving on public roads.

  2. Controversy: The brand has faced controversies related to its promotion of hooning, which can lead to discussions about the ethics and safety of certain stunts and activities.

  3. Negative Stereotyping: Hoonigan’s association with extreme automotive behavior may lead to negative stereotypes about car enthusiasts, portraying them as reckless or disruptive.

  4. Environmental Impact: The emphasis on high-performance and modified vehicles may raise concerns about their environmental impact, including increased emissions and fuel consumption.

  5. Inclusivity: While Hoonigan has a dedicated fanbase, some critics argue that it may not be as inclusive as it could be, potentially excluding those who don’t conform to traditional car culture norms.

  6. Safety Concerns: The brand’s content often involves high-speed driving and stunts, which can inadvertently glorify behavior that poses safety risks, especially when attempted by inexperienced drivers.

Hoonigan is a brand that has had a significant impact on the automotive world, offering both exciting entertainment and inspiration to car enthusiasts. However, it also comes with some controversies and concerns related to safety, ethics, and its influence on driving behavior. Ultimately, individuals who engage with Hoonigan should do so responsibly and consider the potential consequences of their actions on public roads.

Best Alternative to Hoonigan

If you’re looking for alternatives to Hoonigan that cater to automotive enthusiasts and provide exciting content and community engagement, there are several options to consider. The best alternative for you may depend on your specific interests within the automotive world. Here are a few notable alternatives:

  1. TheSmokingTire: TheSmokingTire is a YouTube channel and website created by Matt Farah, known for its high-quality automotive content. It features in-depth car reviews, test drives, and discussions about various aspects of the automotive industry. The channel also offers podcasts and travel adventures centered around cars.

  2. MotorTrend: MotorTrend offers a wide range of automotive content, including reviews, comparisons, and event coverage. They produce shows like “Roadkill” and “Dirt Every Day” that showcase unique automotive adventures and projects.

  3. Jay Leno’s Garage: Hosted by Jay Leno, this TV series and YouTube channel offers a behind-the-scenes look at Jay’s extensive car collection and features in-depth interviews with celebrities and experts in the automotive world.

  4. Donut Media: Donut Media is known for its entertaining and educational automotive content. They produce series like “Up to Speed” and “Bumper 2 Bumper,” which explore the history and details of various car models.

  5. Petrolicious: Petrolicious is a platform dedicated to classic and vintage cars. They produce beautifully shot videos that tell the stories of classic car owners and their beloved vehicles.

  6. Regular Car Reviews: Regular Car Reviews provides humorous and unique reviews of both ordinary and obscure cars. The channel blends comedy with automotive analysis, making it stand out in the automotive content space.

  7. Speed Academy: Speed Academy focuses on high-performance tuning and modifications. They offer valuable insights into car builds, aftermarket upgrades, and track testing.

  8. EVO: EVO is a British automotive magazine and online platform known for its in-depth car reviews, track tests, and automotive journalism. They provide a more traditional but respected approach to automotive content.

  9. DriveTribe: DriveTribe is a platform co-founded by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May of “Top Gear” fame. It offers a wide range of automotive content, including articles, videos, and a thriving community of car enthusiasts.

  10. Local Car Clubs and Forums: Consider joining local car clubs or online automotive forums focused on specific car makes and models or regions. These communities often provide a great platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and passion for cars with like-minded enthusiasts.

Who owns Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is primarily owned by its co-founders, Ken Block and Brian Scotto. They are the key figures behind the brand and have played significant roles in its development and growth.

Is Ken Block the sole owner of Hoonigan?

No, Ken Block is not the sole owner of Hoonigan. While he is a co-founder and central figure in the brand, he co-founded Hoonigan with Brian Scotto, and they share ownership of the brand.

What is Brian Scotto’s role in Hoonigan?

Brian Scotto is a co-founder of Hoonigan and has been involved in various aspects of the brand’s operations. He brings his creative and editorial expertise to the brand, helping shape its content and cultural significance.

Has the ownership of Hoonigan changed over the years?

The ownership structure of Hoonigan was primarily centered around Ken Block and Brian Scotto. However, ownership structures of companies can change over time due to various factors, so it’s advisable to check for any updates or changes since that time.

Is Hoonigan associated with any other automotive brands or companies?

Hoonigan has collaborated with various automotive companies, influencers, and artists on projects and limited-edition products. While these collaborations may involve partnerships, the core ownership of Hoonigan remains with Ken Block and Brian Scotto.

Is Hoonigan a publicly traded company?

No, Hoonigan is not a publicly traded company. It is a privately-owned brand and lifestyle associated with Ken Block and Brian Scotto.

Where can I find the latest information about Hoonigan’s ownership and developments?

For the most up-to-date information about Hoonigan’s ownership, partnerships, and developments, it’s advisable to check official sources, news articles, or the company’s website and social media channels, as well as any official announcements made by the brand.


In conclusion, Hoonigan is primarily owned by its co-founders, Ken Block and Brian Scotto. These two individuals have played pivotal roles in shaping the brand into the global automotive phenomenon that it is today. While Ken Block is well-known for his extraordinary driving skills and motorsport achievements, Brian Scotto brings his creative and editorial expertise to the brand’s content and cultural identity. Together, they have nurtured Hoonigan into a brand that celebrates the automotive lifestyle, high-performance driving, and the passion of automotive enthusiasts around the world. While there may have been collaborations and partnerships with other entities, Ken Block and Brian Scotto remain the central figures in Hoonigan’s ownership and leadership.



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