Who Owns DeLeon Tequila?

Updated: June 14, 2023


DeLeón Tequila is a renowned brand in the world of premium spirits, known for its exceptional quality and exquisite taste. The ownership of DeLeón Tequila has evolved over the years, with several notable figures and companies being associated with its ownership. Currently, DeLeón Tequila is owned by Diageo, one of the leading spirits companies globally.

Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverages company, acquired DeLeón Tequila in 2014 as part of its strategic expansion into the high-end tequila market. Diageo has a rich history in the spirits industry, boasting an impressive portfolio of well-known brands such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Guinness, and Tanqueray, among many others. With its extensive experience and global reach, Diageo has played a crucial role in elevating DeLeón Tequila’s presence in the market.

Before Diageo’s acquisition, DeLeón Tequila was the brainchild of a successful entrepreneur, Brent Hocking. Hocking, a visionary in the spirits industry, founded DeLeón Tequila in 2008 with a vision to create a tequila brand that would redefine luxury and sophistication. Hocking’s passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail resulted in the production of tequilas that quickly gained recognition and accolades for their exceptional quality.

Under Diageo’s ownership, DeLeón Tequila has continued to thrive, maintaining its commitment to producing tequilas of unparalleled excellence. Diageo’s global distribution network, marketing expertise, and resources have provided DeLeón Tequila with the necessary support to expand its reach and introduce its exquisite offerings to a wider audience.

Today, DeLeón Tequila stands as a symbol of luxury and refinement, appealing to discerning spirits enthusiasts and collectors alike. The brand’s portfolio includes a range of tequilas, each crafted with precision and care, showcasing the rich heritage and artistry of tequila production.

What Is DeLeon Tequila?

DeLeón Tequila is a renowned brand of premium tequila, known for its exceptional quality and luxurious character. It is produced in Mexico, where the art of tequila-making has been refined over centuries. DeLeón Tequila prides itself on combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create a tequila experience that is both authentic and sophisticated.

The brand offers a range of tequila expressions, each carefully crafted to showcase the unique flavors and aromas of the agave plant from which tequila is derived. DeLeón Tequila sources its agave from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, a region in Mexico known for its ideal agave-growing conditions. The agave plants are harvested at their peak maturity, carefully selected, and then transformed into tequila through a meticulous production process.

DeLeón Tequila employs both traditional and innovative methods to ensure the highest quality standards. The agave is cooked, fermented, and distilled to extract the purest flavors, resulting in a smooth and refined spirit. The tequila is aged in a variety of oak barrels, including ex-bourbon and French wine casks, to develop complexity and depth of flavor.

The brand offers a range of tequila expressions to cater to different preferences and occasions. These include Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo, and special limited editions. Each expression possesses its own distinct character, ranging from the vibrant and crisp flavors of Blanco to the rich and aged complexity of Extra Añejo.

The Origins of DeLeon Tequila

DeLeón Tequila has its origins rooted in Mexico, the birthplace of tequila itself. The brand was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Brent Hocking, who had a vision to create a tequila that would redefine luxury and sophistication. Hocking was captivated by the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship behind tequila production and set out to craft a brand that would showcase the best of this iconic Mexican spirit.

Inspired by the rich history and tradition of tequila-making, Hocking sought to create a tequila that would stand out from the rest, offering a truly exceptional drinking experience. He embarked on a journey to find the finest agave plants, the key ingredient in tequila, and discovered the ideal sources in the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico’s renowned tequila-producing region.

Working closely with skilled local artisans and distillers, Hocking ensured that every step of the production process adhered to the highest standards of craftsmanship. The agave plants were carefully harvested at their peak maturity, with only the finest specimens selected for use in DeLeón Tequila. The piñas, the heart of the agave plant, were then cooked, crushed, and fermented to extract the flavorful juice.

The fermented juice, known as mosto, was distilled in small batches using traditional copper pot stills. This careful distillation process helped to capture the essence of the agave, resulting in a tequila of exceptional quality and purity. To further enhance the tequila’s character, DeLeón employed a variety of aging techniques, including resting the tequila in a range of oak barrels such as ex-bourbon and French wine casks.

Through his meticulous attention to detail and passion for creating a truly extraordinary tequila, Hocking succeeded in establishing DeLeón Tequila as a symbol of luxury and refinement. The brand has since garnered a reputation for its exceptional quality, unique flavor profiles, and exquisite packaging, capturing the attention of tequila enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide.

Acquisition by Diageo

In 2014, DeLeón Tequila caught the attention of Diageo, one of the world’s largest spirits companies. Recognizing the brand’s potential and the growing demand for premium tequila, Diageo decided to acquire DeLeón Tequila as part of its strategic expansion into the high-end spirits market.

The acquisition of DeLeón Tequila by Diageo provided an opportunity for both companies to leverage their respective strengths and expertise. Diageo, with its extensive global distribution network, marketing capabilities, and resources, could provide DeLeón Tequila with the necessary support to expand its reach and introduce its exceptional offerings to a wider audience.

Under Diageo’s ownership, DeLeón Tequila continued to maintain its commitment to crafting tequilas of unparalleled quality. The brand’s production process and dedication to using only the finest agave remained unchanged, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the tequila.

Diageo’s global presence and distribution capabilities allowed DeLeón Tequila to enter new markets and reach consumers across the world. With Diageo’s extensive portfolio of renowned spirits brands, the acquisition provided opportunities for cross-promotion and collaborations, further elevating the profile of DeLeón Tequila.

The acquisition also enabled DeLeón Tequila to benefit from Diageo’s marketing expertise, enabling the brand to enhance its visibility and engage with consumers through strategic campaigns and initiatives. This partnership with Diageo opened doors to new opportunities for growth and innovation for DeLeón Tequila.

By joining forces with Diageo, DeLeón Tequila gained access to a wealth of resources, industry knowledge, and global networks, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the luxury tequila segment. The acquisition marked a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, allowing it to continue its pursuit of excellence and captivate the palates of tequila enthusiasts around the world.

Collaboration with Brent Hocking

The founder of DeLeón Tequila. In 2017, Combs and Hocking announced a joint venture called Combs Enterprises and Hocking’s company, The Harmony Group. As part of this collaboration, the two entrepreneurs aimed to further develop and expand the DeLeón Tequila brand.

Sean Combs, a prominent figure in the music, fashion, and business industries, brought his expertise in marketing, branding, and cultural influence to the partnership. His involvement in the collaboration helped raise the profile of DeLeón Tequila and attract a wider audience.

Brent Hocking, the original founder of DeLeón Tequila, continued to play a key role in the brand’s development alongside Combs. With his passion for tequila and commitment to quality, Hocking worked closely with Combs to maintain the brand’s craftsmanship and ensure the integrity of DeLeón Tequila’s production.

The collaboration between Combs and Hocking aimed to leverage their respective strengths to drive the growth and success of DeLeón Tequila. Together, they focused on expanding the brand’s presence in the market, introducing new expressions, and engaging consumers through strategic marketing initiatives.

The partnership between Sean “Diddy” Combs and Brent Hocking underscored their shared vision of elevating DeLeón Tequila to new heights of excellence and establishing it as a premier luxury tequila brand. It brought together the creative and business acumen of both entrepreneurs, contributing to the ongoing success and evolution of DeLeón Tequila.

The Influence of Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements can have a significant influence on consumer behavior and brand perception. When a well-known celebrity aligns themselves with a product or brand, it can enhance visibility, credibility, and create a positive association in the minds of consumers. This can be particularly impactful in the world of spirits and beverages, including tequila brands like DeLeón Tequila.

The association of a celebrity with a tequila brand can bring attention to the product and attract new consumers. Celebrities often have large followings and dedicated fan bases who may be inclined to try a product simply because their favorite celebrity is associated with it. This can lead to increased brand awareness and interest, ultimately driving sales and market share.

Moreover, celebrities can lend their own personal brand image and lifestyle appeal to the tequila brand they endorse. Consumers may perceive the brand as more glamorous, aspirational, or aligned with a certain lifestyle. This association can create a sense of exclusivity and desirability around the product.

Celebrity endorsements can also be leveraged in marketing campaigns to tell compelling stories and engage consumers on an emotional level. By featuring the celebrity in advertisements, social media posts, and other promotional materials, the brand can tap into the celebrity’s charisma and influence to create a memorable and impactful brand message.

However, it’s important for brands to ensure that the celebrity endorsement aligns with the brand’s values and target audience. Authenticity is key, and consumers can quickly detect when an endorsement feels forced or insincere. Brands should choose celebrities whose image and persona are in harmony with the brand’s positioning and values, as this will help establish a genuine connection with consumers.

In the case of DeLeón Tequila, the collaborations with prominent figures such as Brent Hocking and Sean “Diddy” Combs brought their individual expertise, influence, and personal brand appeal to the table. These collaborations played a role in expanding the brand’s reach, elevating its profile, and capturing the attention of consumers who are fans of the celebrities involved.

While celebrity endorsements can be powerful, it’s important for consumers to make informed choices based on their own preferences and taste preferences rather than solely relying on the influence of celebrity endorsements. Ultimately, the quality, craftsmanship, and taste of the tequila itself should be the primary factors when selecting a tequila brand.

Maintaining Quality and Tradition

Maintaining quality and tradition is of utmost importance for tequila brands like DeLeón Tequila. It is essential for these brands to honor the legacy and craftsmanship associated with tequila production while meeting the evolving expectations of consumers. Here are some key factors that contribute to maintaining quality and tradition:

  1. Sourcing Premium Agave: High-quality tequila begins with the selection of premium agave plants. Tequila brands, including DeLeón Tequila, often prioritize sourcing agave from reputable regions with optimal growing conditions. Careful attention is given to selecting mature and healthy agave plants, as they greatly impact the flavor and character of the tequila.

  2. Traditional Production Techniques: Tequila-making involves several traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Brands committed to tradition, like DeLeón Tequila, ensure that these techniques are respected and upheld. This includes practices such as slow-cooking the agave, crushing the piñas (agave hearts), and fermenting the juices using natural yeasts. These traditional methods contribute to the unique flavor profile and authenticity of the tequila.

  3. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Tequila production often involves skilled artisans who play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and tradition of the brand. These craftsmen bring their expertise and attention to detail to every step of the production process, ensuring that the tequila meets the highest standards. From harvesting the agave to distillation and aging, their craftsmanship contributes to the overall quality and character of the tequila.

  4. Aging in Oak Barrels: Aging tequila in oak barrels, such as ex-bourbon or wine casks, is another important aspect of maintaining quality and tradition. The choice of barrels and the duration of aging greatly influence the flavor and complexity of the tequila. Tequila brands like DeLeón Tequila carefully select and monitor the aging process to achieve the desired balance and enhance the character of their tequilas.

  5. Quality Control Measures: To ensure consistency and adherence to quality standards, tequila brands implement robust quality control measures. This includes rigorous testing at various stages of production, from the sourcing of agave to the final bottling. Quality control processes help identify and address any deviations that could impact the taste, aroma, or overall quality of the tequila.

By maintaining these principles, tequila brands like DeLeón Tequila can uphold the rich tradition and quality associated with tequila production while meeting the expectations of discerning consumers. This dedication to tradition and quality is what sets them apart and ensures that consumers can trust in the authenticity and excellence of their tequila offerings.

Expansion into Global Markets

Expanding into global markets is a strategic objective for many tequila brands, including DeLeón Tequila. By reaching new markets, these brands can increase their customer base, establish an international presence, and capitalize on the growing global demand for premium tequila. Here are key factors involved in expanding into global markets:

  1. Market Research: Tequila brands must conduct thorough market research to identify viable target markets. This involves analyzing factors such as consumer preferences, purchasing behaviors, regulatory requirements, cultural nuances, and market trends in each potential market. Understanding the dynamics of each market helps brands tailor their strategies accordingly.

  2. Distribution Partnerships: Establishing strong distribution partnerships is crucial for successful market expansion. Tequila brands often collaborate with local distributors who have extensive networks and expertise in navigating the local market. These partnerships enable efficient distribution, accessibility, and brand visibility in new territories.

  3. Brand Localization: Adapting the brand to resonate with the local culture and preferences is vital. This includes translating marketing materials, packaging, and labeling into the local language, as well as considering cultural nuances in branding and messaging. Tequila brands like DeLeón Tequila may also collaborate with local influencers or celebrities to enhance brand relevance and appeal.

  4. Compliance and Regulations: Each market has its own set of regulations and compliance requirements for importing and selling alcoholic beverages. Tequila brands must navigate these regulations to ensure proper certifications, labeling, and adherence to local laws. Compliance with local regulations helps build trust with consumers and avoids potential legal issues.

  5. Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing and promotional campaigns are essential to create awareness and generate demand in new markets. Tequila brands employ various strategies, including advertising, public relations, social media marketing, and event sponsorships, to engage with target consumers and showcase their unique offerings. Understanding local consumer behavior and cultural preferences is critical to developing impactful marketing campaigns.

  6. Education and Brand Advocacy: Educating consumers about the tequila category and the brand’s unique attributes is crucial in new markets. Tequila brands often conduct tastings, host educational events, and collaborate with bartenders and mixologists to showcase the versatility and quality of their products. Building brand advocates among bartenders, influencers, and industry professionals helps drive word-of-mouth promotion and enhances brand credibility.

Expanding into global markets requires careful planning, adaptation to local preferences, and building strong partnerships. Tequila brands that successfully navigate these challenges can establish a strong international presence, expand their customer base, and position themselves as leaders in the global tequila market.

The Future of DeLeon Tequila

The future of DeLeón Tequila holds great potential as it continues to establish itself as a prominent player in the tequila industry. Here are some aspects that may shape the future of DeLeón Tequila:

  1. Innovation and Product Expansion: DeLeón Tequila may explore innovation in its product offerings to cater to evolving consumer preferences. This could involve the introduction of new expressions, limited editions, or innovative aging techniques. By staying at the forefront of tequila trends and continuously pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, DeLeón Tequila can maintain its appeal and captivate a wide range of consumers.

  2. Sustainable and Ethical Practices: As sustainability and ethical practices gain importance in the spirits industry, DeLeón Tequila may focus on implementing environmentally friendly initiatives. This could include sustainable sourcing of agave, implementing efficient production processes, reducing waste, and engaging in community development programs. By prioritizing sustainability, DeLeón Tequila can resonate with socially conscious consumers and contribute positively to the industry.

  3. Market Expansion and Global Reach: DeLeón Tequila’s partnership with Diageo and its collaboration with influential figures like Sean “Diddy” Combs have already facilitated its expansion into global markets. The brand may continue to focus on expanding its presence in key markets while also exploring new territories where there is a growing demand for premium tequila. By leveraging Diageo’s distribution network and marketing capabilities, DeLeón Tequila can reach a wider audience worldwide.

  4. Digital and E-commerce Presence: The digital landscape and e-commerce platforms offer significant opportunities for tequila brands to connect with consumers. DeLeón Tequila may invest in building a strong online presence, including engaging social media campaigns, educational content, and seamless e-commerce experiences. This can help the brand connect directly with consumers, provide a platform for storytelling, and facilitate online sales.

  5. Experiential Marketing and Brand Immersion: Creating unique experiences around the brand can further elevate DeLeón Tequila’s profile and foster brand loyalty. This could involve immersive tasting events, collaborations with mixologists and chefs, and activations at festivals or luxury events. By offering memorable experiences and positioning itself as a lifestyle brand, DeLeón Tequila can forge deeper connections with consumers.

  6. Continued Commitment to Quality: Regardless of the brand’s growth and expansion, maintaining a commitment to quality and tradition will remain paramount for DeLeón Tequila. Upholding the meticulous production processes, sourcing premium agave, and working with skilled artisans will ensure that the brand continues to deliver exceptional tequilas that capture the essence of Mexican craftsmanship.

Overall, the future of DeLeón Tequila looks promising, driven by innovation, market expansion, sustainability, and a steadfast commitment to quality. By staying attuned to consumer preferences, embracing digital opportunities, and nurturing its partnerships, DeLeón Tequila can solidify its position as a renowned and respected player in the tequila industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other known owners or partners of DeLeón Tequila? Beyond Diageo’s ownership, collaborations have taken place with influential figures like Brent Hocking, the founder of DeLeón Tequila, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. However, for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding other owners or partners, it is best to refer to official sources or reach out to the brand directly.

There were collaborations between Sean “Diddy” Combs and DeLeón Tequila founder Brent Hocking in the past, there was no information available regarding an acquisition of DeLeón Tequila by Sean “Diddy” Combs. It is advisable to refer to the latest news or contact the brand for any recent developments.

Diageo acquired DeLeón Tequila in 2014. The acquisition was a strategic move for Diageo to expand its presence in the premium tequila market.

DeLeón Tequila was owned by Diageo, a global spirits company. However, ownership can change over time, and it is recommended to refer to reliable sources or contact the brand directly for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, DeLeón Tequila was owned by Diageo, one of the world’s leading spirits companies. The acquisition of DeLeón Tequila by Diageo in 2014 marked a strategic move into the high-end spirits market, leveraging the brand’s potential and growing demand for premium tequila. Under Diageo’s ownership, DeLeón Tequila continued its commitment to crafting exceptional tequilas, maintaining its production process and dedication to using the finest agave.

However, it’s important to note that business ownership can change over time, and there may have been developments since my last update. To obtain the most up-to-date information on who currently owns DeLeón Tequila, I recommend referring to reliable sources or contacting the brand directly.



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