About Us

Updated: September 8, 2018


A “About Us” page on a website is a page that provides information about the company, organization, or individual that ownsby.com the website. This page is typically linked to from the homepage and is a place where visitors can learn more about the website’s purpose, history, and team members.

Here are some ideas for what you could include on an “About Us” page:

  • A brief history of the company or organization: This could include information about when the company was founded, any significant milestones or achievements, and any notable events or changes that have occurred over the years.

  • The mission and values of the company or organization: This could include a statement about the purpose of the company or organization, and any guiding principles that inform its work.

  • The products or services offered: This could include a brief description of the products or services offered by the company or organization, as well as any unique features or benefits they offer.

  • The team behind the company or organization: This could include information about the key players in the company or organization, such as the founders, executives, and key employees. You could also include photos and brief bios of each team member.

  • Contact information: It’s a good idea to include a way for visitors to get in touch with you, whether through a contact form, phone number, or email address. You could also include information about the company’s physical location, if applicable.

Overall, an “About Us” page should provide a clear and concise overview of the company or organization that ownsby the website, as well as a sense of its personality and values. By providing this information, you can help visitors understand who you are and what you do, and encourage them to explore your website further.